3DFC4 Main Card

Featherweight BKB
1. Ryley Stansbury Vs Tony McIntosh 
Featherweight BKB
2. Mahamed Amur Vs Elliot Moss 
Heavyweight BKB 
3. Conor Palombella Vs Stephan Murray 
Lightweight BKB
4. Tom Stack Vs Seamus Devlin  
K1 Bout 
5. Łukasz kuziola Vs Kofi Marshall 
Middleweight BKB 
6. Brandon Harden Vs TBC
Featherweight MMA 
7. Dale McFarland Vs Dale Adams 
Light heavyweight Boxing 
8. Leroy Fearon Vs David Bolton
Co-Main Event
Light Heavyweight BKB 3D Title 
 Kieran Russell Vs Glenn Moore 
Main Event 
Heavyweight BKB 3D Title 
John Walker Vs Kris George

The NEW 3dfc titles

Two of our fighters will become the first people in history to raise the new, highly prestigious 3DFC Title Belts above their heads on June 17th – 3DFC wishes the best of luck to both sets of fighters featuring on John Walker Vs Kris George & Glenn Moore Vs Kieran Ruddell and anticipate two highly enthralling battles: May the best men win 

Boxing is the ultimate challenge. There’s nothing that can compare to testing yourself the way you do every time you step in the ring.
– Sugar Ray Leonard


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