3DFC 3

Inside a packed Bowler’s Arena (Manchester, UK) 3D Fight Club put on a show worthy of it’s status as a sponsored Pay-Per-View on Fite TV (by Triller). 3DFC 3 kicked off the 11 bout show inside the octagon, but the battle that stole the show was a thrilling Kickboxing display between Fred Willis & Dmitriy Schevchenko.  You can watch all replays for the event on FiteTV if you’d purchased the event on PPV




Dougie Joyce

Our founder

 Coming from an Irish Traveller background, it would have been almost impossible for Dougie not to get involved in the Boxing World in one shape or form. A man that was raised on the integrity and honour of the sport, and above all else a fan of the sport. Dougie is no stranger to BKB himself having lived and breathed the lifestyle of Boxing for the majority of his life so it seemed the only logical step for him moving forwards from participating in events was to start his own.  

Forever being able to spot an opportunity to improve the sport Dougie and his trusted team discussed the idea of giving all kinds of fighting a chance to shine and allowing the people that had grown up like themselves – dedicated and in love with a sport – an opportunity to showcase their skill in their respected crafts. From that day forward, combat sports was brought into a new dimension and 3D Fight Club was born.